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About Us

Cannabis Medical Technology, Colorado’s first medical marijuana dispensary was founded in 2006.  This dispensary was formed to provide patients with written medical consent a safe environment to purchase organic healthy medical cannabis.  Our founders discovered that quality organic cannabis was not being made available to patients who needed this medicine the most.  The cannabis products being sold illegally were full of chemicals, including toxic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides.  The founders felt that this was counterproductive to the goal of wellness and health.  In fact, this is detrimental to the patient’s health especially for those who were already suffering from chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, with the legalization of recreational cannabis, the cannabis being sold statewide in Colorado continues to be grown with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.  Many cannabis warehouses have been shut down for these violations, even though they advertise as using EPA approved CHEMICALS, they are still toxic to humans and the environment.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to identify which cannabis is safe to consume.  Patients suffer for this. Thus, Cannabis Medical Technology continues to sift through the masses of misinformation to bring the truth to our clients.


Mission & Vision

We see to provide accurate education and knowledge for patients who seek alternative medical therapy, specifically but not limited to the medical cannabis industry.  Our goal is to provide quality palliative care in the form of unsurpassed knowledge on different strains of organic medical cannabis, and alternative health sources to manage the various disease symptoms we come across.  Through our experience and research, we have determined which quality cannabis strains treat and manage particular symptoms and illnesses best.  Knowledge and education is key to a patient’s health.


Contact us at

info@cannabismedical.com for any alternative medical therapy for your symptoms and medical conditions.  We would like to provide patients with accurate information regarding the current cannabis industry and to direct you to the appropriate high quality organic strains of cannabis to manage your particular illness.  We have experience with edibles and topical cannabis also.  We believe that if you need medical cannabis that you only vaporize, ingest, or come in contact with organic cannabis.  We strongly believe that you are only risking more long-term health issues vaporizing and ingesting medical cannabis products that are sprayed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides.  Be an advocate for your health!  Go organic!


Colorado’s complicated history with cannabis

The history of medical cannabis in Colorado has been complex and long. Colorado has a long history of having legal cannabis and hemp since the inception of statehood in 1917.  Cannabis oil was a common ingredient in medical tinctures. The US federal government outlawed cannabis use and cultivation without a license by passing the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937.  From 1960s – 1970s public opinion shifted again and legislators downgraded recreational possession of cannabis from a felony to a misdemeanor.  In 1975, Colorado decriminalized possession, transportation and private use of cannabis.  In 1979, Governor Dick Lamm signed into law the first medical cannabis bill that allowed patients specifically with cancer and glaucoma the right to use medical cannabis.  This law never gained full effect because it did not have federal government seal of approval.  Unfortunately, the federal government classified cannabis as a Schedule 1 controlled substance with no therapeutic value and this current classification exists.  There are cannabis lobbying groups that are currently trying to change this classification because there has been research evidencing that cannabis is helpful in alleviating and possibly curing many different disease states.  California made significant leaps in 1996 by approving Proposition 215, which allowed for use and cultivation of medical cannabis.  In 2000, Colorado followed suit and approved a constitution Amendment 20, a state sponsored legalization of medical cannabis for certain illnesses including cachexia (chronic weight loss), cancer, chronic nervous system disorders, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other disorders of muscle spasticity, severe nausea. There needed to be written medical consent. The people of Colorado had spoken.  House Bill 10-1284 was crafted in 2010 to regulate the medical cannabis industry.  In November 2012, Colorado passed Amendment 64, the key constitutional amendment, that allowed adults greater than 21 of age to legally possess one ounce of cannabis or THC.  It is only fitting that Colorado became the first state in the US to adopt rules for legal recreational cannabis sales.